NV-65m/mSG (Mod.2) Single Screw Extruder

NV-65m/mSG Single Screw Extruder


1: High Quality with Excellent Performance
2: Versatility with Easy Handling
3: Sleek design for Long Lasting Life
4: Bench mark model for 65mm Single Screw
5: High Reliability

Standard Specifications

1 Type General Purpose Single Screw Extruder
2 Capacity 160 ~ 400kg/hr(ABS)
3 Dimension 800mm(CH)m 3,300mm(L), 1,750mm(W), 1,500mm(H),
4 Weight 2.0Ton
5 Voltage and capacity of power supply
Voltage 380 -440V, 50-60Hz, 3 phase(Standard)

Capacity 114KVA(AC 90kw main motor)(Standard)
6 Cylinder Nitrided steel(SACM645) (Standard)
7 Screw Dulmage type L/D 36(1 vent) (Standard)

L/D 36(Non Vent) Option
8 Heater Band Heater, 1.3kw
9 Temperature Control PID Control I Zone
10 RPM Screw 430
11 Main Motor 90kw (Standard)

380 - 440V(Standard)

Type AC fixed speed (standard)
AC motor controlled by Inverter(option)

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