NRⅡ-75m/mSG (Mod.2) Twin Screw Extruder

Twin Screw Extruder NRⅡ-75m/mSG


1 High Quality with Excellent Performance
2 Versatility with Easy Handling
3 Sleek design for Long Lasting Life
4 Bench mark designing for middle range
5 Sturdy and simple for consistent operation
6 Step up model with production capacity 500kg/hr ~ 1,500kg/hr
7 Featuring Industrial beauty as Japan-make
8 High Reliability
9 Best Selling model in 50 years
10 Best fitted to High volume of master batch Compounding, profiling, film and fiber production.


1 Type Co-rotated twin screw extruder (IncludingTwin Screw Feeder)
2 Capacity 500kg/hr(ABS pellet) (90kw main motor)(Standard)

1,500kg/hr(ABS Pellet)(300kw main motor)(Option)
3 Dimension 800mm(CH), 5,500mm(L), 2,300mm(W), 1,600mm(H),
4 Weight 7.0 ton
Voltage and capacity of power supply

Voltage 380 ~ 440V, 50 / 60Hz, 3 phase(Standard)

Capacity       160KVA by AC 90kw main motor (Standard)

370KVA by AC 300kw main motor (Option)
6 Barrel Nitrided steel with Hardness over HRC63 (Standard)

Anti-Abrasion barrel with Hardness SKD 61(Option)

L/D 40(Standard)

L/D36(Option), L/D44(Option), L/D48 (Option), Other(Option)
7 Screw Segment type with Involute Spline Shaft made of Hardened SKD
8 Heater Brass Casted Heater nine blocks
Temperature Control

9 Zone
10 RPM 50 ~ 440 rpm(Main motor 90kw) (Standard)

50 ~ 550 rpm(Main motor 300kw) (Option)
11 Main Motor 90kw (Standard)

132kw(Option), 160kw(Option),200kw(Option), 300kw(Option)

AC Motor Controlled by Inverter
12 Other Options Safety Clutch(Option), Resin Thermometer(Option), Resin Pressure Sensor(Option)

Side Feeder(Option), Screen Changer(Option), Vacuum Pump(Option) etc.

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