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◆Planned Economy in Market Oriented Economy◆

ALLOCATION is the way of thinking to manufacturer products together with customer's cooperation and it is our group's basic principle. By eliminating any waste and irregularity from the highest upstream to the lowest downstream of production, we continue to challenge to cut the cost by half. In other words, we could say, allocation is a brand new way in the world, which makes customer to participate in production supply system. Changing the view point, we could compareALLOCATION to the “Planned Economy” in Market Oriented Economy System. We have named this system as “ALLOCATION” representing such distribution side of Planned Economy.Twenty years have passed ever since starting “ALLOCATION SYSTEM”. At last, we have made the solid foundation of ALLOCATION and we are now in a phase to prove its high productivity.

Nowadays, every seller(manufacturer) is considering buyer(customer) as God by putting Customer-First slogan or corporate concept in and out of company.However, in reality, at sellers management conference and business meeting, seller naturally use hunter's terminology, which is antagonistic to buyer, such as "strategy", "enclosure", "pack/fill" which leads to treat buyers as target. We feel great sense incongruity and contradiction to such market activity.In a society of Capitalism, Buyer(customer) wants to buy, good things as low priced as possible whereas, Seller(manufacturer) wants to gain profit by selling low cost products at as high price as possible. Once Buyer,(customer), changes the position as Seller(manufacturer), Buyer would make same mistake. In this very comical exchage of "hypocritical sincerity", everybody should know there arise waste and irregularity. It seems impossible to satisfy this contradictory issue at both Buyer(customer) and Seller(manufacturer) at same time. However, we know that we cannot make delicious cooked food(sucha as Japanese popular Omusubi, made of rise) unless we use both right and left hands which are contradictory. We know the natural providence of birth, that the new life could be born between the opposing sex of male and female. "Opportunity","Good Relationship", and "Destiny" could be born through the cooperation between these opposing parties satisfying both demands, producing higher quality products at drastically low cost. If such good dish is going to be served continuously, "New Relationship" shall sustain through the cooperation by these opposing parties hands in hands. The newly born Fruit of “New Relationship” will start rolling for the next stage. We believe that this rolling energy of newly born “Relationship” is the source of any creation. Since ancient times in Japan, the God who created the entire cosmos is considered to be "the God of Marriage". In Japanese language, YEN have plural meaning, one is "Relationship" and another is our monetary standard ¥. Homonym phenomenon. We think that the relationship(YEN) of opposing existence will create the energy to manufacturer products hence making ¥ and good fruit(product).
As mentioned above, the buyer(customer) and the seller(manufacturer) whom requirements are contradictory, if they get to cooperate and fill in each others demand satsifactory, only then, the power to manufacturer products will arise.

What is ALLOCATION FESTIVAL Sales Campaign

Customer realizes cost down by cooperating making effective production process by the manufacturer's request. In return, customer makes manufacturer to reduce the production cost of the machines whereas improving quality. This planned production system is“ALLOCATION”. This is an epoch making business model patented in five countries including Japan. The way to spread this idea, we formulated the event, “the ALLOCATION FESTIVAL”.

Patented in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and UkraineFreesia Macross is absorbing worldwide human resources, technology, and money. By doing so, we are challenging to supply most superior industrial machine under the lowest price.


Latest "ALLOCATION FESTIVAL" information : here.

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